Liz Noonan
Liz Noonan is an artist living on the north shore of Massachusetts. 
She attended The Massachusetts College of Art and Design and was recently featured in the annual Mass Art's Presidents report "Making History" for the project she launched through Kickstarter, "25 People, 25 Bucks, 25 pieces of Art". Liz has a broad scope of knowledge with different materials, which makes her uniquely suited to making just about anything. She really, really likes stuff and finds other people's stories about their stuff absolutely thrilling. See Liz's work on her website  and on her blog at  www.liznoonan.com  http://liznoonan.wordpress.com/ Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liz-Noonan/251663598463 or Tweet Tweet!  http://twitter.com/liznoonan
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