Hutchison Summer Students Celebrate Olympics

Students at Hutchison Elementary's summer school program celebrated the Olympics this week.

During the last week of summer school at students celebrated the Olympics with games of their very own. 

On Wednesday, students played volleyball and other games, chose and researched their countries, created Olympics trading cards and pins and ended it all with a Help the Homeless Walk with Reston Interfaith. 

Ali Robbins, special events manager for Reston Interfaith, talked to the students about how they can help those who are homeless after the closing ceremonies. Because of a thunderstorm students did their Help the Homeless Walk inside the school. 

Georgette Nuss, an educator at Hutchison, said organizers thought it was a good opportunity to make the connection between homelessness and the Olympics and how they are both worldwide events. 

She said it was also a great opportunity to partner with Reston Interfaith for the event. "Everyone should have a place to lay their head at night," she said. 

The students began working on their Olympics program at the start of summer school by adopting and studying countries. "They took off running with this," she said of the staff members. 


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