Fox Mill Walks to Unmask Homelessness

Fox Mill Elementary students walked for Reston Interfaith in October.

Seven years ago, a first grade student at Fox Mill Elementary School wanted to do something about homelessness. For the last six years the school has held an annual Walk for the Homeless for Reston Interfaith, raising more than $38,000. 

The funds go to Reston Interfaith and and help Reston Interfaith receive additional funding from Fannie Mae. Reston Interfaith earned $102,741 from Fannie Mae through the program. 

The number of walkers who take part helps determine the amount of funding an organization receives from Fannie Mae, and every registration counts. This year's Walk for the Homeless took place on Oct. 25 after school and included whole families. Students were invited to wear a Halloween mask to help unmask homelessness during the event. 

Each year anywhere between 200-300 students, parents, teachers and staff participate in the walk. That's about the amount of funding it takes to shelter, feed, counsel and help rehouse one person through the Embry Rucker Community Shelter. 

* Photos and information sent by Bernie Boyle. 

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