ArtSpace Showcases Work of HHS Seniors

Mind, Heart, Vision features the work of 35 Herndon High School seniors.

ArtSpace’s newest exhibit, which opened Tuesday and runs through March 25, features artwork by Herndon High School students.

Mind, Heart, Vision includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and computer graphics by senior art students. The students have been planning the exhibit, including learning about completing artist agreements and paperwork related to the exhibit. The students also got to choose the design for the postcard that promotes the exhibit, which was created by Steven Orozco.

“The students are excited and it’s contagious,” said Wayne Zink, Art Department Head in a press release. He said this is a busy time of year for seniors, but preparing for a show like this helps invigorate them. He said the work is original, innovative and demonstrates creativity and talent.

This is the second exhibit ArtSpace has hosted that features the work of Hendon High School students. The opening reception for Mind, Heart, Vision will be Friday, March 16 from 6-8 p.m. The exhibit, as well as the opening are free and open to the public.

The following students are taking part in the exhibit:

Rachel Baroody  *  Charles Bentley  *  Taylor Brininstool  *  Margaret Carroll
Baback Chiniforoushan  *  Crystal Chu  *  Dylan Conway  *  Erin East
Meagan Gilliam  *  Andrew Goldin  *  Deborah Headen  *  Juliana Holland
Hannah Kaplan  *  Kayla Kent  *  Melissa Kujat  *  Nicole Lee
John Levin  *  Emily Loproto  *  Lea Maamari  *  Marium Mehdi
Kshitij Neupane  *  Anastasia Pechler  *  Cory Rahman  *  Brooklyn Rains
Colvin Rayburn  *  Jeremy Reynolds  *  Nikki Russell  *  Lenita Stewart
John Teare  *  Carolyn Tran  *  Josh Veary  *  Lia Wang
Michelle Wolff  *  Rasha Yousifauni  *  Kathryn Zobeck


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