Town Council Preview: Legislative Agenda, Noise Ordinance and More

The 2013 legislative agenda will be among items discussed at Tuesday's work session.

Today the Herndon Town Council will meet for a work session to discuss its 2013 legislative agenda, the downtown master plan pattern book, the town's noise ordinance and more. 

The first of the public hearings to be discussed is the town's 2013 legislative program. 

The town is requesting legislation that will clarify the relationship between towns and their counties when it comes to overlapping police powers and matters of legislative interest.  

The Herndon Centre is requesting a resolution to revise the property's proffered condition amendment to allow additional uses at the shopping center.

The applicant, AJ Dwoskin and Associates, is asking if it can continue allowing the permitted uses as planned development - shopping center, but also add the permitted uses of planned development - business. 

There is also an ordiance that would amend the town code for noise regulation to not allow any construction until 8 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. The current time that construction is allowed on weekends and holidays is 7 a.m.

Other public hearing items include: 
• Ordinance, Approving a lease to Evince Analytics, Inc. of office space at 397 Herndon Parkway.
• Ordinance, Beginning the consideration of the grant of a franchise to use public streets for provision of electricity.

 General items include:
• Resolution, Initiating the Downtown Pattern Book and Associated ZOTA.
• Resolution, Award of Contract, RFP #D-13-01, Architectural and Engineering Services.
• Resolution, Award of Contract, IFB #12-14, Hybrid Pickup Truck.
• Resolution, Award of Contract, IFB #B-13-01, Leak Detection Survey for the Town of Herndon Water Distribution System.
• Resolution, Reappointment of Member, Herndon Foundation for the Cultural Arts Board of Directors.

Discussion items include: 
• Electronic Packets for Town Council (Discussion by the Town Manager and Director of IT)

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Hoover Conference Room at the Council Chambers, 765 Lynn St. in downtown Herndon. 


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