Thompson Will Run For Reston Association Seat

Realtor is former president of the Lake Anne Merchants Committee.

Eve Thompson, a 25-year resident of Reston and former president of the Lake Anne Merchants Committee, will run for an At-Large seat on the Reston Association Board of Directors.

Thompson, a Realtor with Long & Foster , has a dockside office, All Reston Real Estate, at Lake Anne Plaza. She is also a Reston Patch real estate blogger.

"I’m running for the board for several reasons," Thompson said. "One is that I’m impressed with the strategic goals that have been laid out in the 2012 – 2016 Strategic Plan. The goals outlined for making Reston more sustainable really resonate with me. We have this great history of national recognition for innovation and creativity; I’d like to see us continue that through the realization of the goals laid out in the Strategic Plan." 

Thompson has been active in community efforts at Lake Anne. She runs the Saturday Craft Market that runs alongside the Reston Farmers Market. Thompson says the proceeds of the market, generated by the rent each vendor pays, has all been put back into the public areas of the Plaza in the form of colorful umbrellas along at the benches on the dock, additional planters and flowers and a music program that includes the Jazz and Ukulele Festivals.

Thompson has served several terms on the Lake Anne Condominium Board of Directors, serving in a variety of roles. She continues as the Chair of the Landscaping Committee and leads the Marketing and Events within the Condo Merchant’s Committee. She also serves on the Reston Historic Trust Board of Directors.

Eve and her husband, Rick Thompson, were 2009 Best of Reston recipients for “Nurturing a Community.”

"Like the rest of us living and working in Reston, I am concerned about future development," said Thompson. "I think we should be very demanding about architecture, scale and open space. I’m not afraid of growth but I am afraid of losing what makes us Restonites.

"For all the joking about 'Reston Brown & DRB applications' that is a part of what forms us into community, so to the degree that RA can influence development and re-development, I would like to be a part of that effort.  On the other end of that spectrum I feel really strongly about caring for and enhancing our existing community assets."

Thompson says her work as a Realtor will help her with her role on the RA Board, should she be elected.

"I focus the majority of my real estate practice in Reston," she said. "It’s really interesting to see the community through the eyes of newcomers.   I think that it’s important to try and see things with new eyes. It’s surprising to hear someone say that Reston’s beloved paths feel scary, but when I looked at the entrances to some of the paths I could see where someone might have that perspective.

"On the flip side, when listing houses I’m sometimes surprised at the lack of adherence there has been to even our most basic convenants. It hurts property values when things are allowed to slide."

The deadline for filing for RA Board candidacy is 5 p.m. Friday. There are three seats up for grabs: South Lakes director, as well as two At-Large seats.

Kate Peterson March 17, 2012 at 01:19 PM
I think I have to agree with Steve on this one. As a former Event Planner I can tell you from direct experience that it is not possible to run an effective event if participants can't perform according to the rules. The fact that the Mr. & Mrs. Thompson who run the craft market and Mr. & Mrs. Lovaas who run the Farmers Market get all the vendors loaded in and ready to go every Saturday for 6 months of every year for more than 10 years as uncompensated volunteers is nothing short of miraculous. I know the community considers them both a huge asset to Lake Anne. I think I'd let this one go. Namaste
mdennis74 March 17, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Eve, thanks for clarifying what the Reston Market is. Not being officially 501(c)3 gives you certain rights to do things as you see fit. And certainly I didn't question your intentions or your dedication. It's just that you seem to be walking a fine, and dangerous, line between private business and public good. Because the profits are redirected to the community, you don't exactly 'own' this as you would if it were a profit-making enterprise. It doesn't have to be a democracy, because it's your sweat equity. However, the public good doesn't seem to have been served here. A not-for-profit organization with the stated goal of building community should be supporting that community's own businesses above others. If there's demand for a service not available locally, by all means, bring it in. But when a local merchant WANTS to be a part of the community and support what you are doing - I think you made a mistake in giving them second-class status in your market. If they agreed to the terms and violated them, fine. Send them out. I maintain that your terms were not true to the intent of your market in the first place. I have rarely ventured past the farmers' market into the crafts area before, and I am even less likely to do so now. I don't trust your judgment in supporting local merchants above others, based on this case.
mdennis74 March 17, 2012 at 09:55 PM
@Kate - agreed on the effort involved. I have also been involved in large-scale planning and know how much you need everyone to follow their end of the agreement. The issue here is the extent to which Ms. Thompson seems to view the market as her personal fiefdom. There are others who also care about Lake Anne and they appear to have been shunted aside. I have not heard a justification for why local neighborhood merchants should be excluded or restricted, or why incumbents should have veto rights over newcomers. I have not heard mention of a formalized charter or covenant governing all merchants equally, or a formal discipline process - she seems to making up (and enforcing) terms as she goes along. The best community enterprises are built from the ground-up, and it seems like a great opportunity to enlist a local supporter was missed here in the interest of maintaining personal control. Ms. Thompson is a thoughtful and dedicated volunteer. If she wins the election I wish her the best. I also hope she will open up and realize that while Lake Anne may not be a democracy, greater Reston is. As a board member I would hope she would not view her sweat-equity as validation for imposing her own rules and choosing her own favorites, and would espouse a much more open view of the many merchants and residents who make Reston great.
Kate Peterson March 18, 2012 at 01:03 AM
@mdennis: “There are others who also care about Lake Anne and they appear to have been shunted aside.” Is that what you are claiming is the motivation of Radiant Sun? Because it sounds more like really sour grapes that she is denied access to a large group of potential clients. I also looked at the market website, there is a set of rules that seem pretty clear. So, from my perspective it looks like Radiant Sun has picked this time to air a grudge as a way to cause harm to someone who has stepped up to do a job (running for the RA Board) that neither you or I or Lisa seems to want. I don’t’ get the fiefdom element, whose rules should the market run by? Is the Farmer’s market a fiefdom? Can anyone go into that market? There’s been a group of us asking for years for the market season to be extended but that hasn’t happen. I assume because the Mr. & Mrs. Lovaas are ready for it to be over after 6 months. The craft market must run with the permission of the Plaza businesses, I would assume they are happy for the additional traffic on Saturday. I know the neighborhood is happy, the Farmers and Craft markets are beloved institutions at Lake Anne. All I know is that I'm glad that someone is willing to do the heavy lifting.
Karen Goff March 18, 2012 at 01:29 AM
OK, I am going to shut this thread down for a bit. I think we have rehashed the situation several times now, all parties have had their say and can communicate offline if they choose.


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