Allen Makes Reston Town Center Campaign Visit

U.S. Senate candidate and his wife, Susan, visit voters at women's outreach event at American Tap Room.

Women supporters of Republican Senate candidate George Allen gathered at a campaign event organized by Virginia Voices at the American Tap Room in Reston Saturday afternoon.

Talk centered on a variety of issues — taxes; jobs; energy; religious freedom; planned increases for the Dulles Toll Road to help pay for the Silver Line; the economy; Allen's Democratic opponent, Tim Kaine; and of course, the presidential election.  

Virginia Voices is the campaign’s listening initiative. Also there to speak: Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th); Del. Barbara Comstock (R-McLean); Pete Snyder, chair of VA Victory 2012, Susan Allen, the candidate's wife; and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.).

"There is a lot at stake," Allen told the crowd, reminding them that the election is 45 days away. "We have a vision of the future that is a lot better than these days. When you talk to your neighbors or people at church, don't talk about red states and blue, Republicans or Democrats. Talk about our ideas and how they will positively affect their lives. Our ideas will create more jobs.

"Anyone who drives a car or cares about the future of their families ought to be on our side," said Allen. "When we have Mitt Romney in the White House, we will have someone saying 'yes' to Virginia instead of saying 'no.' "

Allen pointed out how sequestration was likely to affect jobs in Virginia. He also pointed to his record as governor - how he added 300,000 jobs during his term (1994-'98), while 100,000 disappeared under Kaine (2006-'10).

"Look at someone's past record," he said. "When [Kaine] was governor, he wanted to raise taxes on buying a used car and on people making as little as $17,000. He is best known for closing the rest areas on I-95."

In a respons to that statement, Lily Adams, a Kaine campaign spokeswoman, said "George Allen is right that we should judge candidates based on their past records," and she pointed out some of the impact of Allen's term.

"Virginians are still recovering from the spending he voted for in Washington that created massive deficits and added trillions to our national debt," she said. "And now that he' s running for reelection, George Allen has failed to lay out a plan to avert sequestration,  unlike Tim Kaine who has shared specific solutions to stop these cuts that would do damage Virginia's economy."  

Allen, along with Susan Allen, encouraged the women in the crowd to give a few minutes of their time to the campaign - or to at least grab a yard sign or bumper sticker to spread the word.

"People are going to be saying 'look at those women in Virginia, look at how they are voting,' " Allen said. "They are statues of liberty."

antibee September 24, 2012 at 05:38 PM
i am a women and i am voting for Allen. Expect that. Kaine campaigned for a HUGE tax bill that he never read. (socialized medicine) He did what he was told. Herd mentality. he wouldnt have signed a contract for himself and his family without reading it, why would he do that for the people who elected him? think with your head and not with your hormones.
Barbara Glakas September 24, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Are you talking about the Affordable Care Act? Kaine was not in office at that time, and he was never a Congressman or Senator, so he would not have signed anything to institute it.
Uncle Smartypants September 24, 2012 at 08:20 PM
How long will it take for American Tap Room to fully disinfect the bar? Are they calling in CDC? Hope it doesn't take to long to make it safe again; I kinda like that place.
reston on my laurels September 24, 2012 at 09:00 PM
I have to laugh at the misogynistic notion that women who are passionate are hormonal. And the ironic nature of someone buying into that notion also railing against herd mentality. Oh my.
Kathy Keith September 26, 2012 at 08:38 PM
As I recall, Kaine was chairman of the DNC during that period and pushed for this so-called "Affordable Care Act" to pass. A vote for Kaine is a vote to keep Harry Reid in the leadership position of a Senate that has not passed a budget in almost four years. And, as I have stated before on Patch comments, Kaine turned the Dulles Toll Road over to MWAA and, as a result, tolls are now expected to rise to $10 each way in the not too distant future. He also appointed Martire to the board-a man who tried to keep Virginia's "right to work" laws out of the construction process and who abused his position by spending exorbitant amounts of money on travel. While these expenditures were not illegal, they were certainly an unethical and immoral use of taxpayer money. Remember, Kaine is the one who put him there.


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