LTE: Delgaudio, Attorney Mislead about Former Aide

In defense of Delgaudio’s ex-employee, her attorney responds to comments from the Sterling supervisor’s lawyer.

Eugene Delgaudio and his lawyer are trying to blame the victim for the effects of his own misconduct. Their ," is utterly false. Ms. Mateer did everything in her power to resolve the issue quietly and without political implications.

First, she approached the county Human Resources department and Chairman York. The HR department stated it was powerless to help staff aides. Mr. York asked her for documenation, which Ms. Mateer provided to him. After that, Mr. York never contacted Ms. Mateer again.

As we now know, York withheld those documents from prosecutor Stamos during her first review. On the advice of the staff aide of another Republican supervisor, Ms. Mateer then went to the Washington Post with what she knew. The special grand jury now considering the matter is the result of those facts being revealed in the press. It is not the work of "dozens of political activists" that exist only in Mr. Delgaudio's lawyer's imagination.

Donna Mateer is a courageous, conservative, Christian woman who has risen above politics to do what she knows is right. Mr. Delgaudio's lawyer should consider advising his client to do the same thing.

Stevens Miller
Attorney for Donna Mateer

[Mr. Miller is also the executive director for Real Advocate PAC.]

Myth Buster February 22, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Dusty, As the editor of the Patch, Editiorial & Journalistic integrity should mean that; just because the Miller's or one of their surrogates flagged a comment which contained facts it shouldn't be deleted. By deleting the comment, means you have played in to the Miller's narrow agenda and narrative, further the Patch has contributed to censorship. 1) It is a FACT that Stevens Miller voiced a robo-call supporting Ken Reid over his fellow party candidate Kelly Burke. I would be happy to send you the audio file. 2) It is also a FACT that Mike Turner, the LCDC Chair created an ad hoc committee to investigate the Miller's mis-use of their VAN log in and printed out calls sheets for their friend Cliff Keirce, who ran against a LCDC candidate (fmr Sup McGimsey). 3) It is also a FACT that while Stevens Miller was a sitting Supervisors there were several personnel issues with aides. Yet he didn't lift a finger or raise the red flag of concern when some 14+ aides quit their job. 4) It is a FACT Miller has written several post calling Chairman York a "coward & a liar". IMHO: the fact Stevens Miller is taking on Ms. Mateer's concerns out of the goodness of his heart & to improve Government transparency is a utter joke. Miller had is own County Resource issues when he decided to run against Tom Rust. So Miller's involvement in the Delgaudio conundrum is hypocritical, to say the least.
Dusty Smith February 22, 2013 at 02:36 PM
First of all, my journalistic integrity should ban all anonymous comments, but we try really hard not to stifle the conversation. As I stated I only removed your comment for one of the sentences. Your new comment clarifies there was an "investigation" about the VAN being used to help Keirce. Do you have the results of that investigation?
joe brewer February 22, 2013 at 04:25 PM
You go myth buster!
Myth Buster February 22, 2013 at 04:41 PM
@Dusty, I agree that it's a fine line editors have with anonymous comments. And I apologize if my reply to your notification was a bit harsh. You have a valid point. As for the LCDC ad hoc committee; I believe those findings are confidential. I do know part of the investigation surrounded Steven Miller and the redistricting (ala HOA plan). I'll send you the emails in a couple of minutes.
joe brewer February 22, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Maybe you coul post them on the Real Advocate webpage so we can all get a chance to read them?


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