Lop-sided Spending in Supervisor's Race

Final campaign spending accounting

The incumbent Democratic Dranesville Supervisor spent nearly $300,000 to win reelection in November. His Republican opponent spent nearly $40,000. according to reports compiled by the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project.

Supervisor John Foust won all 30 precincts in the Dranesville district and 60 percent of the vote on Nov. 8. His Republican challenger, Dennis Husch, a former Herndon town council member, didn't even carry his own precinct.

Largest contributor to Foust: $10,000 from Firefighters Local 2068 in Fairfax County.

Largest contributor to Husch: $2500 from John J. Kenny, a Reston resident who works for Northrup Grumman.

All 10 supervisors were up for reelection in November. Spending by the two Dranesville candidates were similar to spending in other supervisor contests between incumbents and challengers.

In the race for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors incumbent Democrat Sharon Bulova spent nearly $850,000 to win nearly 60 percent of the vote against three challengers

Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity spent nearly $125,000 in a race in which he was unopposed.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Catherine Hudgins, who was also unopposed for reelection spent nearly $38,000.

Correction: In earlier editions we incorrectly named the Springfield Supervisor. We have now corrected the name. We apologize to our readers.

Matt Genkinger December 22, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Funny thing about the firefighters contributing to Mr. Foust. I get the occasional call from the firefighter unions asking for donations that will help equip our fire department with gear that the county will not provide or to fund critical training that the county cannot pay for. I've called Mr. Foust to see why the fire department requests for necessary gear and training were denied, to which he indicated that he was unaware of these requests. I wonder what Mr. Foust promised the firefighters in return for their contributions and votes? More importantly, I wonder if the fire department will continue to support Mr. Foust if he unable to deliver?
Bob Bruhns December 22, 2011 at 08:20 PM
Interesting that Mr. Foust spent almost $300,000 for the Dranesville seat. Somebody must have considered Dranesville District to be a pretty important political plum, to put that much money into it. Probably it was because his opponent Mr. Husch pointed out some very large unfunded costs of the Dulles Rail fiasco. Somebody certainly doesn't want people getting onto the Board of Supervisors if they are going to let the public know about things like that!
Adrienne December 23, 2011 at 10:08 AM
Must remember that the professional firefighters union is entirely separate from our Volunteer Fire Department in McLean. The union does not buy equipment. Our volunteers do. The union gets involved in electoral politics. Our volunteers do not. Those phone calls are likely from neither, but instead a charity that never sends money our way. The volunteers, who buy equipment to care for us never solicit by phone...only once/year by letter.
Matt Genkinger December 23, 2011 at 10:11 AM
Adrienne, thanks for that information.


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