Herndon Town Council Work Session Agenda - July 3

Herndon's new Town Council will hold its first work session Tuesday night.

The 2012-2014 Herndon Town Council will meet for the first time tonight at the for a work session.

On the agenda to be voted on tonight is the adoption of Robert's Rules of Order, as well as the election of a vice mayor. Traditionally, the council candidate who becomes Herndon's vice mayor. In the May election, Connie Haines Hutchinson received the most votes of the council candidates. 

The Council will discuss a number of agenda items to be voted on at its July 10 public hearing, including: 

• Ordinance 12-O-11, Repealing Article II. Firearms and Crossbows, Chapter 46, Offenses, Herndon Town Code (2000), as amended; and adopting new Article II, Firearms, Crossbows, and Pneumatic Guns, to update and conform to State law the Town’s regulation of the discharge of pneumatic guns 

• Resolution - Recommending endorsement of Bicycle Facilities for inclusion into the Fairfax County Bicycle Transportation Plan

• Resolution - Authorizing the Reserve of FY 2012 Funding for Capital, On-Going and New or Expanded Projects and for Outstanding Encumbrances at June 30, 2012

• Ordinance - Amending the FY 2013 Adopted Budget, if adopted by Town Council, will amend the budgets of the General Fund, Water and Sewer fund, Chestnut Grove Cemetery Fund, Golf Course Fund, Downtown Parking Enterprise Fund, Capital Projects Fund and Information Improvement Fund

• Resolution - Award of Contract #D-12-01, General Water and Sewer Engineering Services

• Resolution - Award of Contract IFB #12-11, Automotive Parts

During its meeting the Council will also discuss the progress and goals of and the Herndon Foundation for the Cultural Arts, which aims to create a larger, more vibrant arts center in Herndon's downtown. 

Also part of the discussion will be an update on Waterside, a proposed development project in Loudoun County that is adjacent to the town.

To read the full agenda and see the related staff reports and full text of the ordinances and resolutions, visit the Town of Herndon's website online.  

The Herndon Town Council will meet to vote on the above agenda items on July 10. All meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the , 765 Lynn St. in downtown Herndon. 

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* Editor's note - Tues @ 2:30 p.m.: The agenda has been updated—the discussion on the Downtown Master Plan was not supposed to be on this week's agenda.


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