Herndon's Ken Vaughn Awaits GOP Primary Results for 11th District

People are trickling into the voting booth for today's primary election.

It's been a slow day at the polls in Herndon for today's GOP primary election, even with Herndon resident Ken Vaughn on the ballot. Voters have been trickling in to cast their ballot. As of 2 p.m. 26 people had voted in Herndon's Sugarland Precinct at Herndon High School, while 49 people have voted at Herndon Precinct 3 at Herndon Middle School. 

In the Senate Republican Party Primary, voters across the state are choosing among , , and . The winner will run against Democrat .

In a Republican Party Primary in the 11th congressional district, voters are choosing between  and  of Herndon. The winner of the primary will face Democratic Congressman Gerald Connolly. Independent Mark Gibson is also running in the 11th District. He is required to gather 1,000 signatures to get onto the November ballot. The deadline is today.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. today. To find your polling place, visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website here

Precinct Registered Voters 2 p.m. Turnout Percentage Herndon 1 3,631 88 2.4 Herndon 2 3,745 65 1.7 Herndon 3 3,338 49 1.5 Hutchison 2,179 15 0.7 Sugarland 3,102 26 0.8 Clearview 4,182 83 2.0 Coates 2,589 not available n/a


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