FCPS Will Keep EpiPens in All Schools

New state legislation requires all schools to have epinephrine injections available in case a student experiences an anaphylactic reaction.

Fairfax County Public Schools announced that it will keep epinephrine auto-injectors, also known as EpiPens, in all county schools this coming school year. 

The EpiPens will be kept in all schools because of legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year that makes it mandatory. The law requires that all schools have policies to have the injection on hand and how it should be administered in the case of a student experiencing an anaphylactic reaction. 

Parents of children with known allergies will still be responsible for providing their own children's epinephrine medications, and they are still required to make sure their children's injection and doctor's orders are at their child's school in case the student has an anaphylactic reaction. 

According to an FCPS news release, the legislation doesn't override students' individual prescriptions for epinephrine administration in their own healthcare plans. 

All FCPS schools and centers will have epinephrine kits based on enrollment numbers. Each kit will have two junior size auto-injectors with .15 mg each for students from 33-66 pounds, and two regular size auto-injectors with .33 mg each for students weighing more than 66 pounds. 

FCPS will work with the Fairfax County Health Department to make sure all school-based employees are trained on the new legislation and what to do if a student is experiencing an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis. They will alert appropriate staff members on a school response team to administer the epinephrine to the student in distress. 

For more information, visit FCPS online by clicking here. 


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