Eight Herndon Police Officers Promoted in December

Two officers were promoted to the rank of sergeant and six were promoted to corporal.

The Herndon Police Department promoted eight officers in a historical promotional ceremony on Dec. 18, 2012. 

The event was the largest promotional ceremony in Herndon's 133 year history, as two corporals were promoted to sergeant and six officers were promoted to corporal.

According to a press release from the HPD, the police department, and its Chief of Police Maggie DeBoard, are preparing for the future by restructuring the corporals career development program. The program will go from an appointment to a permanent position, partially because of pending future retirements and attrition. 

The promotions process was a rigorous one for the officers who took part. The process included their performance evaluations, an assessment center and a written process. 

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant:
• Robert Galpin - 18 years of service 
• Claudio Saa - 13 years of service

Promoted to the rank of Corporal:
• Lawrence Whitmer - 24 years of service
• Sean Merritt - 13 years of service
• Christopher Farbry - 9 years of service
• Justin Dyer - 8 years of service
• James Rider - 7 years of service
• Steven Brown - 7 years of service

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