All Rail Parties Focused on Loudoun's Vote

At Dulles Corridor Rail Association meeting, the most important update was the one coming from Loudoun Board of Supervisors on July 3.

The Dulles Corridor Rail Association's semi-annual meeting is usually one for partners to talk about construction progress, staying on budget and the day 18 months from now when Metrorail will stop in Tysons Corner and in Reston.

The decision from Loudoun County whether to continue as a partner could change the future of Phase 2 of the Silver Line, which will run from Reston's Wiehle Avenue to Dulles International Airport and into Loudoun County.

"It is absolutely crunch time," Ashburn Supervisor Ralph Buona (R) said. "We have got to . There will be more public input on Monday, and we will vote first thing Tuesday.

"I am cautiously optimistic," he said. "I would say we are 4-3 so far with two in play. We are doing everything we can to bring them over the finish line."

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said at the meeting he is "completely supportive" of rail to Dulles despite the project being marred by a Project Labor Agreement (which has since been dropped), protests over predicted high tolls on the Dulles Toll Road, and Richmond's reluctance to find more available funds. 

"I am here to say you cannot always believe everything you read," McDonnell said. "This is something we have to do. This is one of the most — if not the most — important infrastructure projects in the country. It is also one of the most expensive. Obviously, everyone who has a vote is making sure they are a good steward of the taxpayer money. ... We'll find a way to make sure this gets done in a prudent and economical way that honors the taxpayers."

Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton said he is literally taking it one day at a time.

"We've got to look at this in stages," he said. "It has been a multiyear effort to get us to this point. We've got to get past the Loudoun County vote. Before the project can move forward, there has to be confidence in the government, we have to do everything we can to lower the tolls to the lowest amount possible. It is going to be difficult to get additional money out of Richmond until we do that."

Pat Nowakowski, executive director of the Dulles Metrorail Project, gave the crowd an update on Phase 1 construction. He said Phase 1 is on track to be on time and slightly over budget but within the $2.9 billion mark.

He said track and structures are in place and it is down to station electrical work. The last two aerial spans at Tysons Corner should be put in place in the next few weeks, he said.

Nowakowski is also waiting for Loudoun's vote on Phase 2.

"We are completing preliminary engineering," he said. "We are ready to go."

Bob Bruhns June 28, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Where did I lie, John? Let's see the facts, Mr. Pen-Name Poster. Make up something good. Also I don't know who placed those flyers, and I don't know who knows anything about that. But I'll say this: with a billion and a half dollars of overcharge in this job, anything is possible.
John June 28, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Bob Your group created false documents. Fact. Dave larock openly organized this on his tax pig facebook page. The supervisors have proof of this. My real name is john. Still havent addressed the classless attack on supervisor volpe. John
Bob Bruhns June 28, 2012 at 05:37 PM
John, 1) Please try to get your facts straight. I am not a member of that group. 2) Wonderful, so you are using your first name as your pen name. Or so you say, anyway. 3) I made no classless attack on Supervisor Volpe, I am not a member of any group that made any such attack, and I would have to dig back to even find this purported attack. So you'll have to order somebody else around about that. Sorry, but if somebody else said or did something wrong, then they have to answer for it, not me. 4) I do think that falsely calling people liars and falsely associating other people with groups to which they do not belong, is despicable. Perhaps you'll identify yourself, so that people might know exactly who did that. Or perhaps not.
John June 28, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Bob I stand corrected. I was under the impression you were associated with the Tax Pig by previous comments. He is the person who falsified the documents at the Park/Ride lot. He is the person who chose to attack Supervisor Volpe at her church. Glad to hear your not associated with a classless group. Our views are not the same on this project. I'm with the 80% of the county who believe its needed and a must to continue to thrive/develop. But i'm also someone who has to commute east on a regular baissi. My name is John. Sorry you don't believe me. John
Janie Oldham June 29, 2012 at 06:49 AM
Why is Suzanne Volpe telling some people along the pro-metro supervisors that she's voting with them and then telling her base of supporters that she's anti metro. What's up with that? I have no respect for politicians like that because she's lying to one group or the other. I hope that our supervisors do the right thing and don't saddle us with this ridiculous, over priced, mess. I don't want my grandkids having to still pay for it!


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