Thanksgiving Panic—“Where Should I Order a Pre-Cooked Dinner?”

We're surveying our readers to find out where is the best place to order a pre-made turkey dinner.

Many people in this area will be working on Wednesday, Nov. 23, or even late into the evening on Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving. They simply do not have the time, or the energy, to shop for and cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Their only other option is to eat out, or order one of the pre-made turkey dinners available from area grocery stores/restaurants. 

The deadline is fast approaching. My hairdresser said, “Nancy, I am just tired. Where should I order a turkey dinner from? Giant? Wegman’s? I just don’t know.”

We are asking you, as Patch readers, to give us feedback on your experiences with these pre-cooked dinners. Were they good? How did the turkey taste? What about the sides and pie?

For $39 from Safeway, or $49 from Giant, you certainly could not find a cheaper option for feeding a crowd. Then there is the “large” turkey dinner with sides (feeds 10 to 12) for $195 from Wegman’s, or the “medium” for $109 that feeds 5 or 6 people. (The Wegman’s dinners do not include desserts/pies.) Harris-Teeter’s turkey dinner is $49.99, and does not include a dessert.

Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback, both good and bad, on what you thought if you've ordered dinner in past years. Would you order a dinner again this year? From the same place? (In the spirit of the season, please keep your comments as constructive and helpful as possible.)

Nancy Loughin November 18, 2011 at 08:50 PM
One friend of mine likes Wegman's, and will order there again this year. She purchases a pie from their pastry counter.
Nancy Loughin November 20, 2011 at 02:55 PM
I took a "poll" at work yesterday, and it seems that Harris Teeter is everybody's favorite place (for cost and for flavor). I think that they are still taking orders....


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