Letter to the Editor: Who I Support in the 2012 Herndon Election

Bob Bruhns discusses who he supports in Tuesday's election.

There have been many comments against this or that candidate this year, and I have made some of them. These are the candidates that I SUPPORT in the May 1, 2012 Herndon election.

For Mayor:
- Bill Tirrell - a proven quantity.

For Council:
- Connie Hutchinson - a proven quantity.
- Charlie Waddell - a proven quantity.
- Dave Kirby - a proven quantity.
- Dave Webster - because he is sensible and knowledgeable, and anything he doesn't know, he will learn quickly.
- Grace Wolf - because she rejected VNM, because she does not support ridiculous Town grants even to her own beloved arts, and because she was the member of Council most actively participating online, by far, and positively, for the past two years.
- Melissa Jonas or Jeffrey Davidson - because they were NOT supported by VNM.

I greatly regret that Mr. Singh chose to run for Mayor this year, and I told him this. If Bill Tirrell was not running, I would have supported Mr. Singh. If Mr. Singh had run for Council, I would have supported him for that. Mr. Singh is a very valuable and important voice in Herndon, but I much prefer Bill Tirrell for Mayor.

I hope that Mr. Singh will continue to make himself heard, and run again in future elections, because his input is needed in this Town.

Bob Bruhns
Herndon, VA 


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