Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Frank Wolf to 10th District

Wolf will ensure that preventing human rights abuse is a key part of Congress’ agenda.

Dear Editor,

Aside from the domestic issues currently facing our nation, there are parts of the world experiencing unstable and volatile situations. Among the global issues is the human rights abuse observed in countries under totalitarian regimes, preventing the spread of democracy and liberty. In order for the United States to maintain a strong stance against human rights abuse, we must reelect Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

As co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Congressman Wolf is one of our nation’s premier leaders on human rights. Throughout his service as our representative, he has championed ideas for our welfare and for the welfare of others.  From Sudan to China, Congressman Wolf has been essential in establishing the United States’ position on relations with other nations.

Movements toward democratization and liberalization have occurred over the past few years in nations in which totalitarian regimes once violated the livelihood of people. The people have arisen to the occasion to take back the basic rights all humans have. Within the past year, both Mubarak and Gadaffi were removed from office after decades of unchallenged rule, indicative of the people’s rise to the need for actions on human rights.

What is the best thing voters can do to ensure that the voice of all people around the world is answered? The answer is simple. For residents of the 10th Congressional District, re-electing Frank Wolf will ensure that preventing human rights abuse is a key part of Congress’ agenda. Partisan bickering needs to stop in Washington. The leaders we elect to Washington must work efficiently to best represent our issues. One thing all members of Congress will agree on is to ensure equal human rights for the entire world.

As a young Korean-American, I am proud to have been represented by Frank Wolf the past 15 years I have lived in his Kinross precinct. His experience and his leadership are pivotal for fighting human rights abuse, and as long as he is in office, he will do his best to fight for all the citizens of the world. Congressman Wolf is one Virginia leader who has done his utmost best to work for his constituents, and I intend to vote for him at the polls this November.

Earl Park

Just the Facts May 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM
I'm sorry but I can't support this guy. While I will take your word for it that he has been good on your issue but I question what he has accomplished here close to home. He failed to get any federal funds for Dulles Rail, his attack on working families is of great concern. I want a Congressman or woman that speaks for all the people not just some of the people. Frank has been in power too long with very little to show for his time in office. Tolls are going up on the Greenway and Dulles Toll Road. His job is to help reduce these fess not just complain about them. Frank has made a career about complaining about how we got in this mess but never has found solutions to fix the problems. He now is focused on Lyme Disease because we have a huge problem with ticks in Virginia. So again Frank is letting us know we have a huge problem and telling us what everyone knows already about don't go in the woods, wear light colored clothing and use bug spray. I'm sorry I can go on Web MD for this information. I want to know what he is doing about transportation funding, health care, social security, unemployment. He speaks about all other topics because it's a distraction of the real problems facing this country. Sorry, it's time for a change.
Bob Bruhns May 26, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Ha - admit it, you want him out because he is exposing the darling MWAA and the money gobbling Dulles Rail Phase II for what they are. His mistake was supporting rail back around 2002 when he knew that bus was the way to go. Others need to stop making that mistake too.
Ann H Csonka May 28, 2012 at 08:43 PM
C'mon, Bob -- you are fixated on Dulles Rail, but there are many more significant issues on which Frank Wolf has copped out to even more extreme views on health care, social security, civil rights discrimination of many types, and the federal budget -- as well as not supporting rail to Dulles for most of his many years of service. If he had supported rail service to that Federal facility years ago, we would not be in the cost bind that we are in now. It would also have helped if he had supported light rail at ANY time. But he has focused for years on human rights for the people of other countries, while ignoring human rights here at home--and many other things. He has also supported the same old proven-failed budgetary policies and things like "the Ryan budget", which would gut funding for science, education, modern energy beyond fossil fuels, while actually increasing a dysfunctional military sector. (Note: this is not about those in military service -- it's about clinging to outdated weapons systems still being developed, etc.) Oh, yeah, his environmental voting record is also abysmal. He remains in office primarily because he has excellent constituent services. We are glad that the Town of Herndon is finally in the 11th District, where we are represented by a Member of Congress who makes sense to us. I know that is not true for many who are faithful Frank-ites, but this is America and we can disagree without acrimony (hah-hah).
Bob Bruhns May 29, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Ann - do you mean Gerry Connolly? The guy who was so blissfully and conveniently unaware of home overcrowding in Fairfax County, just whistling and looking the other way, until he was coming up on an election year and people started showing up and screaming about it? But I understand that a number of contributions of $199 elicited excellent constituent services from Mr. Connolly, and I understand that his employer did very well in Tysons Corner too, as it just so happened. Yes, it all makes sense, just as you say.


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