Letter to the Editor: Old Town Charm

There’s only one candidate who truly understands what old town Herndon really is to people who were raised in this town—and that candidate is Connie Hutchinson.

All the candidates claim to love, cherish, etc old town Herndon. Some of them use the words, “It’s an oasis.” But there’s only one candidate who truly understands what old town Herndon really is to people who were raised in this town with second and third generation family ties to this town and community. And that candidate is Connie Hutchinson.

Many years ago a group of citizens worked timelessly to write the Heritage Preservation Handbook. That book is the guide to preserve the old town charm that Herndon enjoys and it sets parameters for height, mass, and architecture of new development in order for it to blend in with the old. Connie’s first service to the Town was on the Heritage Preservation Board and it shows.

Many of the current council, refer to the Diamond project as a "fiasco." But, as the plans were exposed to citizens who saw the enormity of the hotel project, we all reached out to Connie to encourage her to scale it back. After canvassing over 200 people myself through phone calls and drop-bys, I told Connie that the majority of the old timers did NOT want the hotel at that scale and only two people I talked to were indifferent to it. Connie worked diligently, and at times by herself on the last town council, to be forceful enough to get the developer to reduce the scale of the project. Her dedication resulted in a majority of the Council standing up for the Town and telling the developer that the project, as designed did not fit in with the Historic Downtown. She than led an effort to work with the developer to get a smaller-scale version PASSED by the Council.

Work on the Downtown Master Plan that followed showed that the majority of the Town Residents did NOT want five story building in Downtown; validating Connie’s efforts.

This election is very important. The last two elections have been decided by fewer than 10 votes!!! HERNDON needs your vote to continue to be represented by people who really KNOW and CARE about Herndon… people like Connie… people that consider themselves "public servants" who are totally independent citizen representatives, not partisan politicians.

Join me in giving Connie your support and VOTE on May 1st, so she can continue to serve on your behalf to embrace and maintain Herndon’s unique character and charm.

Dennis L Baughan
Herndon, VA


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