Letter to the Editor: Cooperative Spirit Works

Foust helps the town work effectively with the county

To the editor:

While campaigning for Town Council in Herndon a few years ago, people often said “we can see where our town taxes are going, but county taxes don’t benefit us directly—we’re just double-taxed.”

It was easy to clarify that Fairfax County taxes pay for schools, fire and emergency services. But few realized that Fortnightly Library, Harbor House, Senior Center and several parks in town were built and operated by the county, with the town providing some land and park maintenance.

These often-unrecognized services do not happen by accident. They ONLY HAPPEN WHEN THERE IS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COUNTY SUPERVISOR AND TOWN COUNCIL.

John Foust works well with the Town and civic groups. For example:
• State-of-the-art synthetic turf athletic fields at Herndon High illustrates how innovation and persistence yield results. Foust helped make this happen. The fields are public-private partnerships managed by the FCPA. Rotarian Arthur Nachman coordinated a lot and got support from Virginia Heritage Bank. Participants: FCPS, FCPA, HHS Boosters, Herndon Youth Soccer & Optimist Club, and Fairfax County Community Rec. Services. Foust also achieved a policy breakthrough by enabling FCPA to help fund a high school project.
• Fairfax County took full responsibility for operation of the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC). This relieves the town of a recurring annual expense of about $200,000. The Herndon Police sub-station and town employees at NRC were retained.

Supervisor Foust is an effective champion for our Town and Dranesville District. He’s smart, with excellent people skills and experience in County policies, processes and practices. He’s a tenaciousally who works WITH all entities (unlike his challenger). Last but not least, Foust serves all of us in Dranesville without extreme, narrow, or hidden agendas

I am happy to endorse John Foust for reelection in 2011.

John M. De Noyer, Ph.D.

Note: John is an Earth Scientist who served on the Fairfax County Environmental Quality Advisory Council for seven years, three as chairman. He has advocated throughout the region for “smart growth,” water quality, and community forestry. He served on the Herndon Town Council for eight terms (16 years), twice as vice mayor.

Ann H Csonka November 07, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Misrepresentation is Not Good Sportsmanship Have you seen a flyer or petition about loss of athletic fields in McLean? If not, look it up on the McLean Youth Soccer (MYS) website, under “Field Development”. They state about the same things in a petition they put online at “Change.org”. There’s also the “McLean Family Coalition” -- a new PAC supporting former Herndon Vice Mayor Dennis Husch and others who have similar political views. They claim that Supervisor John Foust opposes fields, that his friends are blocking field development, or at best is not doing enough to get more. NOT SO. Below are examples of the incorrect or misleading information: (1) CLAIM: “Over the past 3 years MYS has experienced a net loss of six fields in the McLean area with no new fields being constructed.” The McLean Family Coalition (MFC) states this as “permanent loss” of fields. FACT: 6 fields have not been permanently lost, though several have been out of service during school expansions (not all at the same time). The Supervisor is not responsible for these fields being temporary out-of-service. When possible, Foust is improving field capacity. At Spring Hill Rec. Ctr, one large grass field temporarily unavailable during construction has been replaced with a large synthetic turf field which results in INCREASED PLAYING CAPACITY! (continued)
Ann H Csonka November 07, 2011 at 03:58 PM
Misrepresentation is Not A Good Example for Youth (2) CLAIM: “…we will lose the Police Field due to the $20.1 million expansion and renovation of… Supervisor's office.“ FACT: The POLICE STATION is being expanded (safety and community policing are important, too). Supervisor Foust is working to add a new synthetic turf field, probably with lights, as part of the Police Station expansion. Again, A TEMPORARY LOSS BUT A LONG-TERM GAIN. (3) CLAIM: “The only new fields…in the foreseeable future are 2 fields…planned for Salona Park. Foust and a few others are opposing… We...petition the SPTF, FCPA and…Foust to support and promote…two new unlit rectangular grass fields.” FACT: Foust is not "opposing" fields; FCPA’s plan shows fields. But, FCPA bought Salona as a mixed-use park, not ONLY for sports fields. Salona is unique, with significant historical, cultural, and environmental features that include: high-value National Trust property, streams, wetlands, Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area, natural meadow plant community, forest. It has mixed interpretive potential. FCPA is required by law to assess physical characteristics, passive recreation and heritage site uses, and sports fields are an option permitted by the Conservation Easement. The FCPA plan presented to the community in 2010 shows fields, parking, picnic area, and other uses. Foust is also pushing FCPA to expedite a land trade with NPS, enabling better new fields at Langley Fork Park.


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