Global Warming

Remember back in the 70's when the Media was warning of a dire new Ice Age about to be fall us? TV, newspapers and magazines all herald the coming Ice Age. Check out the Washington Post Jan. 11, 1970 article by David Boldt Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age  that received a A1 position no less  or Time magazine Nov.13, 1972 Science: Another Ice Age?


Back then we were to be worried about the Armadillo moving to more southern states and very recently we were to worry about the Polar Bear falling off the melting ice. Yes, it is now Global warming not an Ice Age to fear. The ice shelves are melting and will flood coast lines and wipe out many populated areas worldwide. There will be droughts that will bring starvation to untold millions. So on and so on.

The lesson of the failed Ice Age scare was not lost this time around. It could not be left to a simple Media campaign as was the Ice Age scare. So to supplement the Media the Public Education System was now included with the simple notion that if you get the youth you get the future. Witness the "Earth Day" recognition and celebrations in all our elementary schools as a small example. Also as an aside, why is it on Lenin's birthday? The government would also buy science off with grants, research funding and other financial remediations. The environmentalists were brought on board. Why?  They had great success with banning DDT when there was complete lack of evidence that it was harmful. This success came from a Rachel Carson’s 1962 book Silent Spring.  This in itself may have caused and still is causing more human deaths than Stalin and Hitler combined.

But wait the tide is turning again before our eyes. The claims of Ice Caps shrinking, Polar Bear populations dwindling, more hurricanes, less snow in middle latitudes all had been touted from the roof tops by scientists, public schools, TV and government officials alike. What do we see instead is that Polar Bear populations are at record levels, less hurricanes more record snow falls and growing Ice Caps and no warming effect in the last 15years.

What's next, Ice Age again? No, we will call it Climate Change for now but the scientists that had put their reps on the line for Global Warming are dying hard. They faked data and collaborated together to reassure us all that they are correct. Unfortunately for them they got caught.

So why is there so much effort into scaring people about some kind of apocalyptic weather events to come? One word, Religion. It is thought that there is a societal move to get religion out of our lives. But it is not true. There is animosity on the Left and elites towards Christianity, that much is more than obvious. But religion is not their enemy in fact they promote religion. There has always been room for churches and rituals and the like. There just isn't room for God in our society. The Left wants the State to be the object of our devotion. And Mother Earth has been chosen as the Madonna. The Left has reached back to religions of old to craft the new religion, complete even with human virgin sacrifices.

The State must have us pay penance for our sins toward Mother Earth. We must pay higher taxes and limit our Liberty and Freedoms to easy our conscience for our sins. Forcing conformity and losing our individuality is the best way to usher us into a better world.

Our nation is a Constitutional Republic that restricts the government from interfering in the lives of the people. Christianity is the conscience of the nation that has self restraint and self discipline at its core. We are to work hard and prosper so that we are able to help our neighbors and those in need at troubling times. It is all about individuals freely showing the love of God through action.

Which system do you want to live under? 

DRB December 04, 2013 at 02:09 PM
I am not sure what happened to Mikes remarks but I do have a reply to his comments. So in case it is some sort of glitch I will respond to him. I agree that the Repubs as a whole seem to follow in the authoritarian footsteps to some degree as the Dems do. It seems the choice we are being offered is how much and how fast. Dems say they can ruin The Country the fastest. I do think that the Repubs are getting push back on some level and fronts. I take a small issue with your Santorum section. You say he was warring against “porn and other idiots making a stink about sexual preferences and what a woman does with her body.” First, I think if the restrictive nature of the Constitution is respected then none of the issues would be much of an issue. This should satisfy your “appreciate religion, but not really those who use it to dictate their morals using the coercive power of government.” Second, there is no such thing as an amoral position. The left used this very term to great success that “who are you to imposes your beliefs on the rest of us?” That sounded very reasonable and why it won the day only to leave a vacuum. So guess whose morality is being “imposed on the rest of us?” That’s correct, it is the left and one of my points I was making in the article is that the left is either a religion or using the trappings of religion and is imposing its beliefs on the whole of society. I do think that Free Market Capitalism is as close as we can get to not imposing on one another though. Free Market Capitalism has also raised more people out of poverty than any other system. It is a shame that we may not see the likes of it in our life time, if ever again. I did put out an article on the abortion issue that you may find some what interesting. See here. http://herndon.patch.com/groups/opinion/p/abortionand-politics


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