Child safety near middle school

Refusal to clear sidewalks
Refusal to clear sidewalks
As a citizen of the town of Herndon, I try hard to ensure the walk in front of my home is clear for foot traffic at all times.  I cringe every time I see children coming from Center street to Locust street have to walk in the street around parked cars because the sidewalks around the kinder care day care center are impassable.  
I have filed multiple complaints with the town and nothing is ever addressed.  When it rains the sidewalk is flooded with mud and mulch from their artificially elevated play area which sits until it dries up.  When it snows they never clear the sidewalks.  I took pictures today a full week since the last snow fall and yet they are not required to clear walks like the citizens.  I have come to one conclusion.  kinder care hates children.   


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