Holiday Travel: Tips for a Safe Road Trip

Many take to the roads during the holiday season. Here's how to do so safely.

Many people take to the road to see families during the holiday season. If you're planning a road trip, whether it's a two hour drive or a twelve hour drive, here's how to do so safely with travel tips from the Herndon Police Department. 

• Carry a fire extinguisher in your car. It can also come in handy if you come upon an accident where another vehicle is on fire. 

• Carry a form in your glove box that lists all the allergies of the occupants of the vehicle. 

• Have a list of phone numbers of those you may need to reach back at home, as well as at your destination. Additionally, have a form in your vehicle that lists contacts that can be called in case of an emergency. 

• Make sure to have all prescription drugs you might need while you're traveling, as well as any emergency mediation you may need for allergies or other conditions. 

• Try to do your traveling during daytime hours, and make sure your gas tank is full. 

• Keep the doors and windows of your vehicle locked, both while you're in and out of your car. 

• Have your cell phone with you and make sure the battery is fully charged. Consider bringing a car charger for your phone. 

• Know where you are going, how to get there, and possible alternate routes in case of traffic jams, construction or road closures.

• Make sure to have your car serviced and inspected before you leave on a trip. 

• Carry an emergency kit in your car. The kit should include items such as water, a blanket, a first aid kit, a working flashlight, jumper cables, flares and snacks, among other items. 

• The Virginia Department of Emergency Management encourages drivers to keep additional items in an emergency car kit in the winter months, including gloves, hats, boots, scarves and other warm clothes, an ice scraper, a basic tool kit, extra washer fluid and extra quarts of oil. 

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