Letter to the Editor: Allen vs. Kaine – Clear Contrast, Critical Turning Point

Making the choice in the Allen vs. Kaine senate race.

We highlight issues including environmental and climate science that others tend to ignore.

The records and goals of Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen provide a clear choice.


Allen: Opposes most “green energy” initiatives
Supports offshore drilling, which would seriously threaten: 
- Virginia’s robust coastal economy, tourism and natural resources.
- the largest military seaport in the world—Norfolk and the entire Hampton Roads metro area
- other federal security and scientific operations

Kaine: First Va. Governor to establish a state energy plan. The plan calls for use of all Virginia energy sources -- coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, hydropower, biodiesel, wind and solar; would reduce Virginia’s rate of growth in energy use.
- promoted next-generation cleaner coal
- proposed a policy change that created state incentives for utilities to use renewable fuels and invest in energy conservation. (Sadly, Dominion Power has reneged on its responsibility and rate-payers are paying for no progress)
- supports a national energy policy


Allen: “Environment” is not an issue on Allen’s website. Why?  Does he take it for granted or simply not care?  Prior Senate record:  The League of Conservation Voters rates elected officials for years on how they vote on representative environmental legislation. 

George Allen’s score when he previously served in the U.S. Congress: 13 on a scale of 100. 

His cumulative score as a U.S. Senator (2001-2007) 1 on a scale of 100.  NOT AGAIN!

Kaine: A lifelong outdoorsman, Tim Kaine recognizes the intrinsic and economic value of our air, water, and land resources, including natural areas.  Supports energy initiatives outlined above and offshore drilling if safety technology is improved and enforced. Supports green energy alternatives as growing profitable industries that create jobs while protecting a livable environment.

Nice story about rebounding crab and oyster populations: http://www.kaineforva.com/blog/a_virginia_success_story

3. Environment—CLIMATE SCIENCE

Allen: Opposes environmental regulations as burdens on business. Allen surely knows coastal property owners can’t get insurance due to the threat of rising sea levels. Scoffs at the unequivocal evidence of climate change. Allen is a typical science-denier ostrich!

Kaine: Supports reasonable regulations and sustainability. Says: “I reject the anti-science mentality of those who claim that we can be indifferent to human impact on the climate.”  I.e., THINKS!

If you know someone who has asthma, COPD or increasing problems with allergies, know that they cannot afford the damage that results from climate deniers in Congress!  It is well-known that pollutants and increasing temperatures are contributing to increasing problems with asthma and allergies. We need to elect a “science-savvy” Senator!


> AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) / ”Obamacare”  

George Allen: Repeal and replace. Problem with Allen’s position: there is no new plan and millions of Virginians are already saving money and benefitting from Obamacare. 

Allen also says “Obamacare… places bureaucrats between patients and their doctors.” FALSE. There is no such thing in Obamacare. However, the Virginia Legislature did that in 2012, by dictating that women have no choice regarding abortion/family planning

Tim Kaine: Supports the ACA; recognizes need for future improvements


Allen: Pro-life, anti-choice. No federal funding for Planned Parenthood (though 97% of their services are wellness, cancer screening and similar—excluding abortion). Pro-Personhood. [Allen did not support the “vaginal probe” bill, but he did support a personhood bill in the Virginia legislature in 2012 (The Senate voted to send the bill back to Committee for more work. The opposition said that the broad measure could prohibit birth control and in vitro fertilization.) Overturn Roe vs. Wade

Kaine: Pro-choice. Women have the right to manage their own healthcare choices. Uphold Roe vs. Wade


Allen: Convert to vouchers, with uncertainty and greater cost to seniors

Allen: “…one of my greatest concerns for seniors is the $716 Billion raid of Medicare to fund the federal health care…” FALSE.  Seniors’ benefits are NOT raided…$716 billion is saved by efficiencies and better pricing over a 10-year time.

Kaine: Supports continuing Medicare with improvements; applauds Obama administration’s results in finding and prosecuting fraud.


Allen: Privatize Social Security. Results: Greater cost to operate, far greater risk by putting savings into volatile markets. Major misconception: Social Security is broke. Not true.

Kaine: Sustain Social Security (cheaper administration; streamline)  


Allen: signed the Norquist “no new taxes” pledge and called it “an affirmation of everything I have always believed in.” Norquist is a lobbyist. A U.S. Senator is supposed to SERVE CITIZENS…..YOU, not special interests that cause total gridlock in Washington.

Kaine: “Many of the people who talk the talk about fiscal responsibility show by their actions that they are anything but fiscal conservatives.” Tim’s strategy for America: balanced approach—targeted cuts, tax reform, key investments to grow the economy.

By the way, Federal income taxes are at their lowest level in sixty years! We need to be realistic. If the administration improves management, we should be willing to pay a little more taxes…if we care about our nation!

7. THE ECONOMY  ALL of the preceding issues are also ECONOMIC ISSUES. 

Allen: Most positions INCREASE YOUR COSTS. As Governor, Allen increased spending 45 percent. In his previous Senate term, he voted to increase the debt ceiling 4 times.    If you are in Allen’s tax bracket you probably don’t care. If you are one of the 98 percent, or Gov. Romney’s 47 percent, or Paul Ryan’s 30 percent – you simply do not matter.  

Kaine: A Richmond Times-Dispatch article noted that Virginia’s general fund actually shrank from $15.1 billion to $14.8 billion during Kaine’s tenure—the first time in decades that the budget contracted. Obviously the Democratic candidate was not a wild spender’.

8. AMERICAN SPIRIT OF WELCOME to immigrants…. 

Allen:  Has apologized for his “Macaca incident” in 2006.  Favors immigration of skilled labor; against a path to legal status for undocumented aliens; opposes DREAM Act; supports a fence on the Mexican border

Kaine: Believes undocumented workers should pay a fine but have a path to legal status; supports the DREAM Act


Allen: Well-known for keeping the spirit of the Confederacy alive. While Governor, Allen proclaimed April 1997 as “Confederate History and Heritage Month.''

Kaine: Both were invited to participate in a Senatorial candidates’ forum at the 77th Annual State Conference of the NAACP in Fredericksburg. Kaine was the only one who was there.

10. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

George Allen: Favors no FEMA, assigning full responsibility for disaster management to states and localities – or privatizing.

Tim Kaine: Supports the concept and functions of FEMA, to focus rapid immediate and recovery assistance to states hit by extreme disasters. States and localities are primary, but federal economies of scale and special expertise provide needed support to states. Most of all, we are one nation and support each other in times of trouble.

Compare the striking differences, then VOTE FOR TIM KAINE – FOR LIVABILITY AND LEGACY

It is obvious to us that Tim Kaine's attitude, abilities and objectives will better serve Virginia and the nation.

John M. De Noyer and Ann H. Csonka

Jonathan Erickson November 02, 2012 at 10:46 PM
9 out of 10 are good reasons not to vote for Kaine.
Another Patriotic Liberal November 02, 2012 at 11:48 PM
So you approve of the Confederacy?
Ann H Csonka November 03, 2012 at 12:50 AM
REPEAT: Compare the striking differences, then VOTE FOR TIM KAINE – FOR LIVABILITY AND LEGACY It is obvious to us that Tim Kaine's attitude, abilities and objectives will better serve Virginia and the nation.


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