Wiehle-Reston East Metro Will Have More Parking Than Original Estimates

Comstock: Private spaces for office tenants will be available to the parking public when Metro opens in 2014.

Inside parking garage at Reston Station. (Photo: Karen Goff/Patch)
Inside parking garage at Reston Station. (Photo: Karen Goff/Patch)
By Karen Goff

The finishing touches are being put on the seven-story underground parking garage at Reston Station at the future Wiehle-Reston East Metro stop.

The 2,300-spot parking garage is a public-private partnership between Fairfax County and Comstock Partners.

However, when the Silver Line station opens in early 2014, there will be nearly 1,100 additional spaces available, at least for a few years.

Wiehle-Reston East, which will be the end of the Phase I line for about five years, is the only one of the initial Silver Line stops that will feature parking.

Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker says there are 400 private spaces owned by the company, as well as about 670 additional spaces located under future office building No. 1.

Eventually, those extra spaces will be free parking for office tenants in the office buildings constructed at Reston Station. 

With no buildings, though, there are no tenants, so those spaces will likely be available for a fee. Rates for the county garage are $4.75 a day but prices have not been set for the additional spaces, said Parker.  She said pricing will most likely be set depending on market demand.

Additionally, there are 338 spaces in the Reston North commuter lot on Sunset Hills Road. Commuters presently parlk there to board Connector buses to Orange Line Metro stations. When the Silver Line opens, there will not likely be bus service to other Metros, but officials have not yet made a final decision.
So that lot will most likely be free walking-distance parking for Metro users.

Parker says Comstock and Fairfax County are in talks with the Virginia Department of Transportation, which operates the lot, about turning the commuter lot into a park.

Reasons to do so: The lot is narrow and not suitable for development; there is a significant safety issue in pedestrians crossing Sunset Hills on foot; the free lot will compete with the Comstock lot; and the lot runs directly along the W & OD trail, making it a natural area for a park, said Parker.

"We believe the park would be a better use," she said. "To encourage nearly 250 more people to drive here and then cross the street is a significant safety issue."

Several improvements are in place to ease traffic at the Wiehle/Sunset Hills intersection, Parker said. Sunset Hills now features a left-hand turn lane to turn onto a new three-lane road, Metro Center Drive. The finishing touches are also being put on Reston Station Boulevard, which will be the primary route for buses from Reston and the east. Buses from the west will exit right from a ramp off the Dulles Toll Road.

Some of the other Reston Station features highlighted in a behind-the-scenes tour with Del. Ken Plum and Sen. Janet Howell on Wednesday included:

  • Comstock is "close" to signing initial retail tenants for the 10,000-square-foot retail center that will open when the Metro is operational.
  • The locked bike room (accessible to commuters who pay an annual fee) inside the parking garage features 230 bike rack spots and a repair room. There is additional free bike-rack parking outside the station.
  • The Reston Station Plaza will eventually feature five high-rise buildings, including a hotel, office and a residential unit. The 22-story residential unit - high-end rentals called 'BLVD' - will be built out as soon as permits are in place, said Parker. The office building and hotel footprints are in place (building the first few floors), but will be built out at a later date.
  • There will be additional retail along Reston Station Boulevard.

What do you think of these features and progress? Tell us in the comments.


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