Rail Group Asks MWAA to Drop PLA

Dulles Corridor Rail Association outlines reasons to go forward without project labor agreement.

The Dulles Corridor Rail Association sent a letter to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Association (MWAA) late last week asking that the project labor agreement (PLA) be dropped and outlining why the Silver Line Phase 2 must be completed as envisioned.

"We support efforts to stop the PLA preference and substitute language in the procurement process calling for effective management of workforce issues in a manner that conforms with right to work law of Virginia; and find new funding sources (federal, state and private) to explore alternative funding mechanisms to reduce financing costs and the burden on Dulles Toll Road users," wrote Del. Ken Plum (D-Reston), the chairman of DCRA, and Patricia Nicoson, the president of the group.

DCRA says completion of Phase 2, which will run from Reston's Wiehle Avenue to Dulles International Airport and into Loudoun County, is a project that is "nationally significant."

Phase 1, which will run from Tysons Corner to Wiehle Avenue, is more than 70 percent completed and on schedule to open in late 2013. Phase 2 remains in limbo as there are limited state funds available, no federal funding, and Loudoun County has indicated it may withdraw its support of the project. Loudoun Supervisors have until July 4 to make a decision.

There has also been backlash over the Phase 2 PLA.  In screening bids, MWAA wants to give a 10-percent bonus to contractors who agree to a project labor agreement.

"We urge the members of the Airports Authority to remove the divisive PLA incentive and to instead focus on providing the opportunity for firms interested in bidding on the project to demonstrate their willingness and ability to meet expectations for effective workforce management," the letter reads.

To read the entire letter, see the PDF attached to this article.

Meanwhile, the MWAA's Dulles Corridor Committee will meet on Wednesday as part of the MWAA Board meeting.  

CC Mojo May 17, 2012 at 04:08 AM
Do you have several foil hats, or just one that you wear all day? Maybe seasonal? I'd love to talk to your designer! I'm a YouTube fan, can't help it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xf-Lesrkuc Get it? It's TRAIN!
Melvin Summers May 17, 2012 at 04:15 AM
The population of Loudon gets bigger and bigger each year. We sit on roads from in the morning and afternoon for longer then MOST people in the whole country. All of the neighboring counties to our east have the Metro. We pay our taxes, we commute on our clogged roads. It's about time we got Metro.
Melvin Summers May 17, 2012 at 04:21 AM
I do not think busses are a good alternative for a couple reasons. One they add to traffic by putting MORE vehicles on the roads, and we all have to steer around them when they stop, making rush hours even worse. Second they just can't move the same volume of people. I think the people who work in Loudoun county need a cheap and easy way to commute into DC so they can bring a paycheck home to the county where they will spend more of DC's money here and make our economy grow. Yes to Metro
Bob Bruhns May 17, 2012 at 05:38 AM
CC - can you Google a YouTube video that explains how visitors coming to Loudoun County by rail will get from the rail stations on the east end of Loudoun County to all of the office buildings all over Loudoun County, where all of those Billions of dollars will be gushing, and stuff? Maybe you can find find videos of oxcarts, rickshaws, unicycles, jetskis, skateboards and hot air balloons? Or will you admit that BUS is what you need? Wait, I forgot hitchhiking...
Bob Bruhns May 17, 2012 at 06:11 AM
You realize that people coming into Loudoun County by rail will need something to get to the office buildings and stores that are more than walking distance from the rail stations, that are on the east end of the county. So the more people coming in by rail, the more bus will be needed. Likewise, many Loudoun County residents will prefer to take a bus from locations all over the county to the rail stations on the east end of the county. Also - do you feel that you will be getting the same benefit as the landowners within walking distance of the rail stations? Of course you won't, so you should demand that there be a business rail tax district around the rail stations, so that those landowners can pay a fair share.


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