'House of Cards' Shopping State Credits: Is Virginia in the Cards?

As Maryland considers a big-ticket tax credit for the hit web series, producers are looking at other options.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley visited the set of "House of Cards." File Photo. Photo Courtesy Gov. Martin O'Malley
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley visited the set of "House of Cards." File Photo. Photo Courtesy Gov. Martin O'Malley
Virginia is for lovers, but what about Washington's biggest fictional villain?

Before they start shooting season three, producers of "House of Cards" are waiting on the Maryland legislature to double a cap on state tax incentives to $30 million, and The Washington Post reports that the show is auditioning other states.

What do you think of tax credits for TV productions? Is it worth it? Tell us in the comments section below!

The real story for Maryland has been the economic investment, according The Post. State economic development officials put the jobs created at nearly 6,000, with $250 million added to the state's economy.

What about Virginia? Probably not in the cards. 

A bill approved by the House earlier this month would put Virginia's tax credit at $12.5 million a year — far less than the $30 million being weighed in Annapolis.
Wildermann February 22, 2014 at 04:49 PM
Yes, an investment in economic development. MD & P.G. Co. are investing in National Harbor including a gambling casino attraction and other amenities along with the creative investment strategy listed here in this article. Old Town has looked ahead to capitalize on the attractions on the other side of the river by increasing hotel space and working with National Harbor to get visitors to use Old Town as a destination during their stay across the river. Fairfax County across from National Harbor on the US Route 1 or Richmond Highway corridor seemingly anticipates gamblers in need of fast and easy loans given the proliferation of Car Title Loan Businesses popping up like mushrooms. Can't imagine the VA legislature concerning itself with much more than bills that seek to limit human rights, abortion rights, economic rights, health care rights, environmental rights, voter rights or any other progressive effort that give more rights to citizens. Just another bass ackward state of the old Confederacy that can't fully acknowledge modernity.


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