Former Virginia First Lady Anne Holton Tours Downtown Herndon

Anne Holton, the wife of Tim Kaine, spent some time in downtown Herndon on Tuesday talking with small business owners and campaigning on behalf of her husband, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Virginia's former First Lady, Anne Holton, spent some time in downtown Herndon on Tuesday, talking to small business owners and campaigning on behalf of her husband, Tim Kaine.

Kaine, a former Virginia governor, is running for U.S. Senate against George Allen, who has also served as a Virginia governor. 

Holton stopped at , The Closet, , ,  and . After her tour she met with local business and community leaders at , to speak to them about Kaine's strategies to create jobs and spur long-term economic growth. 

"Tim was not governor during the easiest times," said Holton. "He served as governor during the worst national recession since the Great Depression and had to cut $5 billion dollars in state spending. And yet he did it in ways that strengthened us for the long run." 

"When you have to make cuts, you can still protect the core priorities and you can still invest for the future," Holton said. "So even in tough times, Tim worked hard to make investments in things like early childhood education and infrastructure.”

Holton said when Kaine was governor of Virginia he helped the state make progress in areas such as healthcare, higher education and public transportation, and that he was able to work with both Democratic and Republican legislators to make those things happen. 

Holton told the crowd that Kaine is a natural fit for public service because he is an incredible listener, hearing out the concerns of residents all across the state, and translates it into good public policy. She said Tim "has an uncanny ability to bring people together to craft  pragmatic solutions to common goals."

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