Weird News: Victoria's Secret Fight, Gambler Leaves Kids in Car, One Man’s ‘Metrothon’ and a Search for a Missing Crash Victim

Plus, a lovesick woman puts notes all over town in search for the Ben who got away.

The statue of St. Patrick boards a boat from Ireland to make it's way to its new home in a Georgetown restaurant. (Photo: Ri Ra Irish Pub/Twitter)
The statue of St. Patrick boards a boat from Ireland to make it's way to its new home in a Georgetown restaurant. (Photo: Ri Ra Irish Pub/Twitter)

Editor's Note: Patch has 31 sites in Virginia and D.C., and not a day goes by that something weird isn't happening somewhere in the area. Here's a look back at some weird goings-on over the past week.

No Angels. At the Victoria’s Secret in Pentagon City, a woman was allegedly assaulted by two other customers on Dec. 28. Arlington County Police reported that the victim had been upset when the two other women cut in line in front of her. After they completed their purchases, the line-jumpers allegedly turned around and began punching the woman.

What’s Your Beef?! One diner had his eye on perfection from aFairfax City Wendy’s and took it out on the restaurant and the staff when he was dissatisfied with his order. City police allege the man smashed up one of the soda machines and did something especially rude to the store manager—read all about it. 

Big Loser. The sign at the casino that reads “21 and over” is suggesting you leave your kids at home. It is not a suggestion that you leave the kids in the car outside! A man has been charged with child endangerment. The man allegedly left his two young children in his car to gamble on a horse racing video game inside a Crystal City bar, a police spokesman told Patch.

Crash Found, Driver Missing. When officers responded to the scene of a single-car accident in Middleburg on New Year’s Eve, they found an empty pickup truck. Deputies with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office found the truck had struck a tree, butsearched for hours to find the driver, including an aerial search. The man was finally found New Year’s morning. He declined medical treatment.

I Got Your Notes — All 60. Romantic stories sometime start with a missed opportunity, and this one is no different. “@OldTownCourtney” launched a campaign to find “Ben,” a man she had met at an Alexandria restaurant. She’d left without giving him her number and regretted it — leading to 60 notes posted all over town by Tuesday to #FindBen. Ben got the message and Courtney happily announced that she’d found her man by Thursday.

Smoking Mad. An employee at a Vienna business wasn’t going to let it go after smelling cigarette smoke in the office. The rules are “no smoking,” so she called the police when no one ‘fessed up. According to police, none of the other employees smoke. There was also an unclaimed McDonald’s fountain drink and there was a no drinking policy, too.

That’s A Lot of Hand Sanitizer. Alexandria resident Steve Ander is spending this Saturday riding the Metro to all 86 stopsin Virginia, D.C. and Maryland, posting photos of each stop on Twitter in what he’s calling “The Metrothon.” Ander will document his efforts on Twitter under the username @Metro_nomad and using #metrothon. The biggest question: Will he make it back to his car before the trains stop for the night? “I think it's doable,” he said.

Traveling Gnomes? Sooo 2013. Georgetown’s new Ri Ra Irish Pub boasts decorative pieces preserved from authentic Irish pubs. The “relics” include a statue of St. Patrick that made the journey from Ireland to the pub’s M. Street location.

Perp Makes Poultry Pitch. A woman contacted police after she and her children were followed by a man to their Burke area address. The unknown suspect, reportedly in his 20s, entered the home and tried to sell her poultry.

Perps Pinch Pizza. Three men in ski masks held up a pizza delivery driver on New Year’s Day, stealing his cash and cell phone, along with the pizza, according to Prince William County Police. They fled on foot — which is a good idea if they’re going to spend the year stealing pizza.


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