Headlines: Teen Charged in Wreck, Schools Hire Felons, Small Businesses Struggle and Bank Robber Arrested

Plus, people are asking Google, 'Why is Virginia so strict?'

The French Apartment closes for good, a symbol of a suffering independent retail base in Georgetown. (Photo by Michelle Peirano)
The French Apartment closes for good, a symbol of a suffering independent retail base in Georgetown. (Photo by Michelle Peirano)
Under the cloud of "personnel matters," Fairfax County school district officials have been trying to get rid of seven convicted felons on the payroll. 

The district learned in 2012 that at least one employee was hired regardless of a felony conviction that would have made her ineligible under state law.

An article in The Washington Posthas led to the revelation that six other employees were also hired with felony convictions. The district has responded with a statement after the report. 

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Terrell January 29, 2014 at 02:30 PM
I sincerely hope no one who responds against giving felons a second chance happens to be a born again Christian. Because if you are truly born again, You were once guilty yourself of crimes against Heaven, and were literally on eternal death row. For the wages of all sin is death. But yet, you are supposedly enjoying a second chance So a felon at Midas can replace the brakes on your car that your children ride to school in everyday, or the aircraft in which you and your family fly, and even cook the food your family consume at your favorite restaurant, but they cannot work for a school district even if they truthfully disclose past transgressions that had absolutely nothing to do with crimes against children. Wow !


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